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Stories create feelings and emotions, and evoke an atmosphere. Storytelling is, therefore, an efficient approach to engage executives and employees. We help create a credible story and provide training in telling this story so that it is remembered and felt.
Implementation of new processes, organisational changes or launch of a new system calls for a certain communication effort. We help you break the ice, minimise resistance, create ownership and ensure that the change becomes firmly embedded.
When we make decisions, we are influenced by emotional and value based arguments as well as logic and raw data. We train your skills in communicating with many different kinds of decision makers, to produce the best possible decisions.
Many organisations spend a long time developing new strategies, but less time on how to implement them. We provide guidance on how to convert your strategy into down-to-earth communication that motivates and changes the behaviour of all your employees. In other words: We make your strategy work for your employees, not against them.
To lead is to communicate. We provide you with the tools to become a visible, compelling leader. As a leader, you must make use of goal oriented, focused and targeted, persuasive communication in relation to any relevant stakeholder; regardless of whether you address your staff, co-executives, the management board or the public.
Credibility and trust are the basis for all communication, but more importantly, it is based on the view that other people have of you. We give you a clear picture of what makes you credible and confidence-inspiring, and we give you the tools to cultivate and maintain your credibility in the eyes of the stakeholders.
Striking a balance between professionalism and conciseness can be difficult when everything appears relevant and important. We help you tailor your message so that it is clear and relevant to all your recipients, without losing the important content.
Communication is more than messages and arguments. Your body language and tone of voice are also decisive for your successful communication. We train your performance skills so that they support your messages and evoke the right tone and atmosphere.
Role transitions and transitions from one management level to another involve both learning and unlearning of the various ways of communicating. We help you optimise the communication of your executives so that they achieve their maximum potential from day one in their respective roles.
Meetings are an inevitable part of any organisation. You probably spend huge amounts of time on them too. We’ll provide you with the tools to make the most of them … from planning the content, to the first e-mail invitation, to the meeting itself, to the follow-up.
Much is written: e-mails, memos, decision-making drafts, reports etc. However, reading and understanding these is not always easy. It is our mission to put an end to that. We help you write in a clear and catchy style so your communication is meaningful to your recipients.
In many jobs, presentations to internal and external stakeholders, colleagues or other decision makers are an almost daily routine. We enable you to prepare and deliver persuasive presentations that have a clear purpose, are relevant and are striking to your audience.
What do you do when you are faced with difficult questions, criticism and objections from your employees, colleagues or collaborators? We help you communicate compliance messages, so that they bring about the intended behaviour in the organisation.
How do you, within a short timeframe, ensure that staff members live up to the flow of complex regulatory requirements, standards and rules that are customary within many lines of business? We help you communicate compliance messages, so (that) they bring about the intended behaviour in the organisation.
We provide support and advice for your strategic and tactical communication so that it reflects your business strategy. It’s all about stakeholders, timing, key messages, and channels. We provide you with the tools to handle your day-to-day communication in a way that supports the strategy of your organisation.