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When project managers adapt their decision-making drafts to the needs of decision-makers and do not hesitate to challenge customary patterns of thought they help the organisation make better decisions.

As a compliance function, how do you optimise the collaboration with the business without compromising on the continuous observation of rules?

How do you make a professional impact when you teach your customers?

How do you establish credibility and create commitment when your receivers are very critical?

The communication routes of the mid-level manager are many. Strong communication competences are required to master them.

When an ambitious strategy is to be applied in practice, the communication must put the receiver first.

The speech from the podium and the one-to-one conversation are central elements in good management - these are competences that must be trained and maintained

How does a manager become even more aware of his leadership in the oral communication situation?

How does a public official write a good presentation of a subject so that the minister can subsequently make the best decision?

All leadership is through communication. When the manager is to create progress and change, whether it on the podium or at meetings, the ability to communicate credibly, convincingly and efficiently is decisive.

Nykredit is on its way through a historic transformation and development. Through an intensive executive development programme, all 300 senior executives at Nykredit work on improving their leadership and impact.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration wanted to save hours spent on meetings. The goal was to make a savings agenda a gain for the Administration and its employees via fewer and better meetings.

How does strategy become new behaviour?

If you want the receivers to act as you wish you must first start from their situation - and write in a clear language they can understand